Get ON it girl 🤟

design, plan & shoot

your own professional brand photos

without the long wait and the high costs of hiring a
professional brand photographer


the problem

For online business owners - coaches, course creators, online service providers, bloggers & influencers -  personal brand photography is ESSENTIAL to the growth of your business.

You need fresh, professional brand photography to promote yourself and your business online - for your website, your sales pages, your socials and so much more.

But good brand photography is expensive, and good brand photographers are hard to find and often booked out for months.

Unfairly, that makes professional brand photography inaccessible to many business owners.

I'm here to change that.

Peti shaking her head and saying nope nope nope.

The photographer who hates having her photo taken

It’s a cliche isn’t it. I know how to use my camera to make other people look good - but not myself!

In fact for most of my life, I’ve HATED having my photograph taken.  I felt awkward posing, self conscious about my crooked teeth, and it was REALLY difficult to get a good photo of me, one that I truly liked. I even felt 'vain’ taking and sharing selfies. You could say I had some hang ups!

Even the professionals couldn’t snap a good photo of me! I started to believe it wasn’t possible. I must just be genuinely unphotogenic.

What's an online business owner who needs brand photos, to do?

The problem is, as an online business owner - a blogger, coach and course creator - I need brand photography, and a lot of it!

The crunch for me came when I started getting media requests for photos of myself - from major news sites and for advertising deals. I was in a panic! I had ZERO decent, professional photographs of myself that I felt proud of sharing to represent myself, and my business.

That’s when I began forcing myself to learn how to take MY OWN brand photos - with my decades of knowledge and experience as a fine art photographer + my awkward, self-conscious self.

Peti thinking deeply.

Imagine being able to DO YOUR OWN brand photos, without having to hire a professional brand photographer

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • You've designed, planned and shot your own on-brand, stylised photoshoot 
  • You FINALLY have brand photos you love, to use on your website, sales pages and social media
  • You feel so proud of how your business looks online and you're putting yourself out there!

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.



Design, plan, shoot and process your own professional personal brand photo session.

FINALLY have decent images for your website, sales pages and social media. Create professional, on-brand imagery without the long wait and the hefty price tag of a professional brand photographer.

DIY Brand Shoot is EVERYTHING you need to:

  • Design an on-brand photo shoot that authentically and professionally represents your brand
  • Plan it all - location, outfits, make up and accessories - with ease
  • Shoot, process and USE your new brand photos.