Film yourself a lot for your business marketing? Make your video content look more professional with a DIY Pop Up Studio.


🎉 The Pop Up Studio 🎉

enhance your DIY video creation!

This is for the DIY video content creator who wants to make good GREAT video content on the fly

START posting more often on social media.

STOP overusing GIFs and memes to make your content interesting.

STOP reusing old photos because there's no other pics of yourself you like.

START making video content you can repurpose because it's so damn good.

You've probably... 

📸 Had personal branding photos done, or want to soon

😤 Thrown in the towel (more than  once) in frustration about not being able to get your audience's attention.

👁️ Got a clear visual brand already in place (logo, colour palette, fonts, vibe, voice, messaging etc.)

🤳 Upgraded your phone in the past few years, and wonder if you're using all of its features...

Your Story

You create video content to promote your products and services because it works. Your audience enjoys it and it helps you connect with them, and generate more sales.

Over time you've become more confident appearing in your content, and you might even know a few shortcuts to getting set up and hitting record.

Creating quality video content is important - not only because you want to appear professional, but you're also keenly aware that the better you look on video, the easier it is to record, edit and publish that content!

But...(The Problem!!)

You're stuck in an uncomfortable loop of trying to prepare yourself and your surroundings for video content creation, but you're never happy with how it looks. The time and effort spent creating the video content does your head in!  

You wish you had LOADS more personal branding photos to use in your marketing.

You wish you had the tools and the know-how to create better quality video content.

You wish your background would magically clean itself up, so that when you turned on your camera, everything looked PERFECT.

You also wish you could make more video content, without turning on the camera...

The Solution

What you need is an easy to set up, studio-like environment that creates the optimum conditions to record your video content in. It should fit with your space and your budget, and be EASY.

What you need is The Pop Up Studio!


🎉 The Pop Up Studio 🎉

📸 Learn how to use professional portrait photography tips, tricks (and gear) to dramatically improve the quality of your video content!

Set up a Pop Up Studio to create high quality video content in, so that your business brand shines online. 

Delivered in fun, engaging, action-oriented videos and accompanied by worksheets to help you lock in each discovery - here's what's inside the course.

Part One: Your humble smartphone is a video content creation POWER HOUSE

Learn how to get movie quality video footage out of your humble smartphone. Learn how to set it up to get the highest quality video footage out of it possible.

By the end of this lesson you'll be able to see visibly see and compare the difference in quality, before and after making the changes recommended.

Here's what's in store for you:

Master the art of using your smartphone for high-quality video creation.

Avoid the #1 mistake that makes content creators cringe (it's a face-palm moment).

Understand the critical role of higher quality video in small business promotion.

Unlock time, money, and energy savings with better video footage.

Identify the perfect lens for the sharpest video on your specific phone.

Spot the hidden settings that sabotage your video quality, and fix them!

Debunk the myth: Why smartphones beat pro cameras for certain content.

Find the ideal combo of settings and angles for more flattering videos.

Dodge awkward body proportions with these simple video fixes.

Your complete equipment checklist for top-notch mobile video content.

This clever little worksheet will become your quick reference guide, for super fast HQ video content creation on the fly 🚀

Part Two: Pro lighting tips for small studio spaces!

Find the best source of natural light - in your home or office - for your video content creation.

Then use artificial lighting to improve your light levels if needed - looking at exactly the type of lighting set up you’ll need for shooting video footage of yourself in your Pop Up Studio.

This lesson is chocker block with value:

Discover the ideal light type for flawless self-recording.

Uncover hidden perks of pro lighting you never knew about.

Harness everyday objects to pinpoint your perfect lighting setup.

Fluorescent vs. LED: make an informed decision.

Why soft boxes trump ring lights for most filming needs.

Already own a ring light? Here's how to make the most of it.

Top 5 must-know safety guidelines for artificial lighting use.

Master two techniques to tame overpowering brightness.

Elevate your video with artificial lighting: dos and don'ts.

Zero in on the exact artificial light that complements your studio.

The one type of lighting you should absolutely avoid in video production.

Navigating glasses glare: tips for a reflection-free video.

Your ultimate guide to purchasing the right lighting gear.

Decode artificial lighting lingo: no more confusion!

Includes worksheets to help guide you through the lighting design process 🔆

Part Three: Transform any space into a studio worthy background

In this lesson you’ll learn how to transform any background into a high quality video content creation backdrop, within your desired budget and the available space.

Here's what it delivers:

Unlock the Secret Ingredient to Professional Videos: Discover why nailing your background can elevate your entire video production.

Build Your Dream Studio in a Box: What are the key dimensions that make for a perfectly versatile video background?

The TY Test: A Game Changer: Find out how to quickly evaluate if your setup is optimally spacious.

The Lighting Equation You've Never Considered: See why your lighting setup could make or break your background.

Close Up or Full-Body?: Learn the spatial dynamics you'll need to capture every type of shot perfectly.

Small Changes, Big Impact: What minor alterations could transform your mediocre background into a masterpiece?

Backdrop Kits: A Worthy Investment?: Are backdrop kits the quick fix you've been searching for?

Eliminate Wrinkles Without Botox: Discover the trick to smooth out any backdrop imperfections.

A Fabric Hack You Won’t Believe: How an item you already own could become your ideal backdrop material.

The Green Screen Dilemma: Uncover the pros and cons of going green for your video background.

Get your designy pants on and your measuring tape out! It's time to size up your space and create the perfectly sized backdrop!

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🎉 The Pop Up Studio 🎉

look better on video!

The Pop Up Studio is for video content creators who want to create professional quality videos for multiple marketing purposes, all from the home office - regardless of space or budget constraints!

Create an HQ video creation space with your smarts and your smartphone!

  • 3 fun video lessons
  • Worksheets & checklists to support your learning
  • Designed for action! Make progress while you learn