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The Pro Selfies Tools Guide

You want a quick guide to smartphone photography tools that make your selfies look PRO.

Well boomshakalaka, here it is! Includes recommendations for:

  • Tripods & attachments
  • Lighting
  • Remote shutters

The Pro Selfies Masterclass

Refresh your brand headshots today!

Learn the tricks to creating flattering, share-worthy, brand appropriate Pro Selfies to promote yourself online.

  • 9 short, actionable video lessons
  • Easy step by step tech trainings
  • Printable follow-along action guide
  • A set of 10 Lightroom Mobile Pro Selfies presets

DIY Personal Brand Shoot

Everything you need to design, plan and shoot an incredible, authentic personal brand photoshoot - without the high costs and long wait for a professional personal brand photographer. 

Absolutely packed full of value, and coming soon!